Guest and Volunteer Guide 

Attend all open events and pay to attend Awards Banquet.

Open Events

March 1: Depot Park is open to the public. Walk around the park from 4PM to 7PM to see the steel bridge displays, eat a food trucks, and start the games!

March 2: Watch the events on UF’s campus from 9AM to 4PM. Concrete canoes will be lined up on the North End Zone lawn and Steel Bridge assembly will be in the O’Connell Center.

March 3: View Concrete Canoe races at Lake Wauburg. Bring a picnic lunch and sit back on the shore for some speedy cement. Attend the Awards Ceremony by purchasing a Guest Award Banquet Ticket for Four Rivers BBQ at the Phillips Center.

Please Note: As a guest, food, t-shirts, and the banquet will not be provided at any of the open events.

Guest Awards Banquet Ticket

Attend Awards Ceremony catered by Four Rivers by registering here before February 23. Pay $25 and register for a Guest Awards Banquet Ticket.