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Competition Date: March 2, 2018

Paper Due: February 16, 2018

Time: On Sched

Location: On Sched

Rules: Daniel W. Mead Professional Paper Rules

Submission Procedures:

  • Submission is closed.
  • Bring presentation materials to presentation time.


Updated 1/19/2018

  1. 1/19/18 The team for this competition is specified as 1 registered participant. ¬†However, in the presentation instructions, 2.1’s final bullet, it states: “A minimum of two (2) members of the firm/team must be involved in the presentation.”Could you please explain what this means if there is to be only 1 person per team?
    The professional paper should be a 1 member team. The final bullet in 2.1 is referring to an old draft of the rules.