Yeehaw! Tie up your Ponies because it is time to toss some concrete horseshoes.


Competition Date: March 3, 2018

Technical Paper Due: February 16, 2018

Time: On Sched

Location: Lake Wauburg

Rules: Horseshoe Hoedown Rules
Technical Paper Rubric: Technical Paper Rubric
Mix Design Format: Updated Mix Design Format

Technical Paper Submission Procedures:

  • Electronic Submission is now closed

Horseshoe Submission Procedures:

  • Bring Horseshoe to competition time.


Updated 2/1/18

  1. 11/26/2017
    Under Section 2.2, a “Figure 2” is referenced. While looking through the rules, I do not see a “Figure 2”. Is this Figure missing?

    Figure 2 is missing. The playing court diagram will be released at a closer date prior to the competition as we finalize details with the Saturday morning venue. We will make an announcement on the Facebook page and update the website page once it is finalized.
  2. 11/26/2017
    Under Section 2.2, it is mentioned that there will be (1) 14″ steel rebar stake in the center of the pit. Does this mean that the rebar piece is 14″ long, or will the rebar piece stick out of the ground by 14″? 

    The steel rebar piece will stick out of the ground by 14”.
  3. 11/26/2017
    Please advise on the proper size/# of the rebar that will be used for competition.

    The rebar stake will be 0.625’ in diameter. 
  4. 12/14/2017
    Does the horseshoe have to have the same shape as the example provided in the instructions? Or could I modify and do another shape as long as I don’t exceed the maximum dimensions specified?

    The horseshoe does not have to match any specific shape, but should follow all maximum dimensions specified.
  5. 1/19/2018 How do we report fibers in the concrete mix?
    We have included fibers in the updated mix tables
  6. 1/28/2018
    Is epoxy considered a concrete sealer? It is allowed for cornhole and many websites consider it a sealer but I would like to make sure.
    As long as it is a concrete sealer, it is allowed in this competition. 
  7. 1/29/18
    Can the horseshoe bounce from the grass and end up in the sand pit
    If the horseshoe bounces off the grass into the sand pit it does not count. It must land within the sand pit.
  8. 1/29/18
    On what type of surface will the horseshoe be played on? Grass, concrete?
    The game will be played on grass and sand.
  9. 2/1/18
    Can both loose fibers AND reinforcement grid be used, or is it one or the other?
    In accordance with the rules, fibers or reinforcement grid can be used, not both.

  10. 2/1/18
    Is welded steel wire mesh, ¼” grid by 23 gauge wire (.024” diameter), an acceptable reinforcement grid?
    The described grid is acceptable.