Can you find your way out of the woods?


Competition Date: March 2, 2018

Time: On Sched

Location: Start at Day 2 Homebase.

Rules: Orienteering Rules


Updated 1/23/18

  1. 10/18/2017
    Under “Packing List,” it says that teams must have 3 members and under “Teams,” it says that teams will be composed of 2-4 members, so I am confused by the difference between those two statements. Are teams required to have 3 members or can they do 2 or 4 members?
    That was an error on our part, we will be requiring each team to consist of three (3) team members.
  2. 10/18/2017
    Does each team need only one compass for the team or one for each member?
    You are required to bring a minimum of one (1) compass but if you would like all three members to have a compass then that is allowed.
  3. 10/18/2017
    Are teams responsible for bringing hard hats and safety vests or will they be provided with these pieces of equipment?
    You and your team members are responsible for providing the hard hats and safety vests. 
  4. 12/1/2017
    I would like clarification as to exactly how many members are allowed on the Orienteering team. Is that 3 members maximum or 3 members minimum?
    3 members is both the minimum and the maximum.  In short, 3 team members are required, no more, no less.
  5. 1/2/18
    Does t
    his competition involve surveying equipment, such as an automatic level etc.? Or is it just a compass?
    This competition only requires a compass. It will not require any surveying equipment.
  6. 1/23/18 Will the three team members be orienteering as a group or individually?
    The three team members will be orienteering as a group
  7. 1/23/18 How many maps will be provided to each team?
    Each team will share a map.
  8. 1/23/18 Are teams allowed to bring any other pieces of equipment that are not listed in the rules (binoculars, calculator, pedometer, etc.)?
    Teams are allowed to bring other pieces of equipment but other pieces of equipment will not be necessary.
  9. 1/23/18 When it comes to the pace, do team members need to know their walking pace or their running pace? I am assuming the running pace but I wanted to confirm that.
    Team members do not need to know their walking or running pace.
  10. 1/23/18 The rules say “no jeans/long pants.” Does that mean that long athletic pants are not allowed?The three team members will be orienteering as a group
    Long athletic pants are allowed. The purpose of the “no jeans / long pants” rule is so participants can move quickly because it is an active competition.