The demand for S’Mores is high. Now figure out the demand for traffic!


Competition Date: March 2, 2018

Time: On Sched

Location: On Sched

Rules: Traffic Trailblazer Rules

Sample Competitions: Example Trip Generation

Example HCS Signal Optimization 



Updated 2/15/18

  1. 10/27/2017
    Is this competition only for Undergraduate students?
    At least one member of team must be an undergraduate student.
  2. 11/30/2017 
    Our team members have requested the software by submitting the application form. But they haven’t heard back from the ASCE yet. They are wondering when shall they get the software download package. Do they have to use the software on only one computer?
    In order to simplify things for our software provider, we will be sending the info after the deadline for the form submission.  I’m not sure about the number of computers it is allowed on.  That will be based on the license provided by the software provider.
  3. 1/2/18 I submitted the form for the Traffic Trailblazers competition after the December 1st deadline because I thought the deadline was December 15th for some reason. Is there any way XXX can still compete in this competition and get the software downloaded?
    You can still compete in the competition, we will make sure you are included on the list of teams competing and that you will receive the proper software to practice on.
  4. 2/15/18
    Does a certain edition of the ITE Trip Generation Handbook have to be used? Additionally, is it acceptable to bring more than one volume of the same edition? Or is it only limited to one book?
    The Trip Generation Manual should be the 7th Edition. If your school does not have this edition available, please contact us at  You are only allowed one copy of each volume.
  5. 1/17/18
    Teams should have received HCM for their computers. Filled out the form but still missing HCM on your computer?!
  6. 1/19/18
    For the Traffic Competition software, HCS7, on which computers at our school will it be installed?
    Once you complete the license agreement McTrans Center will send you a download link.  It will only be valid for one computer that you can select. I am not aware of any restrictions in the license about the type of computer the software is installed on (Other than being Windows Based). If you have any specific questions about the license agreement, then you can contact Bill Sampson at
  7. 2/20/18
    Competition Note
    Traffic Trailblazers will occur in 2 phases. The order of these phases will be determined when you arrive. Be sure to check Sched for your teams competition time.  No spectators will be allowed for this competition
    Phase A: Trip Generation.  Check the Trip Gen example file for a sample problem. Note that the actual competition will involve more than one site
    Phase B: HCS Signal optimization. See Sample File attached.  The only modifications to the file are to be made to the input fields in the Phasing and Timing sections. Using HCS optimization will not be permitted.  The goal is to reduce both the total overall delay and the maximum movement level delay.