Design a leachate liner and keep our springs crystal clear


Competition Date: March 2, 2018

Time: On Sched

Location: On Sched

Rules: Wilderness Water Rules


Updated on 1/28/2018

  1. 11/9/2017
    Will the provided frame box be open and covered by chicken wire on 5 of the sides or will the sides be solid and only the bottom covered in chicken wire?

    The frame of the box will be created with wood and the bottom of the box will be the chicken wire.
  2. 11/26/2017
    Are the sides of the wooden frame solid wood or are they going to be made out of chicken wire like the base (how many sides of the box will be solid wood, and how many of the sides will be constructed out of chicken wire?)

    The sides of the box will be made from pieces of wood on the sides and the bottom of the box will be made from chicken wire.
  3. 11/26/2017
    Are the pre-wetted materials going to be fully saturated or will the pre-wetted materials be slightly wetted?

    The materials will be fully dipped in a bucket of water once you decide which material you would like to purchase. For example, if you want 5 pieces of construction paper a volunteer will select the strips and fully submerge them in a bucket of water and hand them to you.
  4. 11/26/2017
    What type of paper will be used for the pre wetted paper strips? (Regular printer paper, construction paper, etc) 

    The paper that will be used in the competition will be construction paper (the colorful paper for kids crafting).
  5. 11/26/2017
    What type of fabric will be used for the pre wetted fabric strips? (Standard cotton tshirts, misc, etc)

    The fabric will be purchased from Joanns Fabrics and will be 100% cotton.
  6. 1/2/18
    Our liner has to be the exact dimensions of the bottom of the box? (18”x13”)
    Your liner must be the exact dimensions stated in 1.1. Your liner is being constructed on that frame the day of the competition (see section 1.3 for more details). The liner will be laid flat over the frame and must fit within the stated frame.
  7. 1/2/18 
    Since we have the height of the box, can we create a liner of various layers? If so, do we have a specific limit of how thick it could be?
    There is no restriction on the thickness of the liner but remember cost is 40% of the competition.
  8. 1/2/18
    What are the dimensions of the squared in the chicken wire?
    The chicken wire that will be used is 1″x1″ square mesh
  9. 1/2/18
    Can we use the chicken wire as a part of our liner or do we to simply place our liner on top of it?
    Your liner is placed on top of the chicken wire, you cannot use chicken wire in your liner. You can only use the items that will be available during the day of the competition (they are presented in section 1.4 of the rules).
  10. 1/2/18
    How will the leachate be spread, uniformly, during 15 seconds? Also, will the impact of the water be form 10” high?
    We will be using a watering can to pour the water onto the filter. The leachate will be spread evenly and the process will be repeated for all the teams in the same manner.
  11. 1/8/18
    The rules state “the liner must be laid flat along the chicken wire base.” Will the leachate liner that we construct need to be the EXACT size as the opening in the leachate liner box or can the leachate liner we slightly larger to make sure that no leachate goes through any gap between the box and edge of the leachate liner?
    The liner needs to fit within the dimensions of the box – if does not then it will not fit inside. Note that the box that is being placed under the frame/liner set up is smaller than the frame (see section 2.1 in the rules). The volunteer in charge of pouring the water will be making sure to avoid the edges of the container. We will make sure that the radius of the pour is safely away from the edges (especially because the box underneath is not as big as the frame).
  12. 1/17/18
    Are tools allowed to be used in the construction of the leachate liner or will it have to be constructed completely by hand?
    Your team is allowed cutting tools (scissors, exacto knife, etc), writing materials (pencil, pens, etc) and a straight edge. You are not permitted to have power tools. 
  13. 1/28/18
    What type of plastic bags will be used for the competition?
    An assortment of plastic bags will be used for the competition (we will be using ones from Publix,Target, Walmart, etc.) Gotta keep it green! 🙂